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Down With Man Up

In late November of 2018 I was asked to speak at the event Down With Man Up, hosted by Cornerstone Counselling Centre. Down With Man Up is a multi-media challenge that asks for artistic submissions on the topic of men’s mental health. My speech talks about the impact of masculine stereotypes on men’s mental health,

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Mysterious Barricades

I would like to share a speech I wrote for the event, “Mysterious Barricades”on September 15th. Mysterious Barricades is a cross-Canada concert in recognition of  World Suicide Prevention day. If you would like to see a recap of the events across Canada check out this video. Let me begin with a thank you to Elizabeth Turnbull,

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Of Cads, Blogs and Human Beings

I’ve recovered from PTSED — post traumatic stressful election disorder. No, I’m not poking fun at sufferers of PTSD, which is real and bloody serious. But really … elections are stressful. At least they are for me. I’m not completely comfortable with all eyes on me; not comfortable with relative strangers looking at me as

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