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Letter to the blog: Trolls

“Troll” seems to be a word that people assume has one definition. I also assumed this until I did a little bit of looking online at the various definitions provided. Now I’m not so sure. In my mind, it has always been the person who stirs the pot, or as Scott said, to inflame. Sometimes

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Walk softly, heed the trolls

I’m not a fan of trolls, whether they reside under bridges, in great works of fantasy fiction, or online. I used the term “troll” recently in a post explaining why comments were turned off here, while guest columns and letters were welcomed. In my understanding of the term troll — and my experience with some

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A city councillor walks into a bar

Drinking was not the problem. It was the solution. Alcohol, for me, was a liberator from all manner of psychological constraints: Shyness, social awkwardness, poor self image, fear of failure. I drank to feel connected to others. I drank to feel a sense of belonging.  One recovering alcoholic described it this way:  I grew up

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