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A city councillor walks into a bar

Drinking was not the problem. It was the solution. Alcohol, for me, was a liberator from all manner of psychological constraints: Shyness, social awkwardness, poor self image, fear of failure. I drank to feel connected to others. I drank to feel a sense of belonging.  One recovering alcoholic described it this way:  I grew up

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Let’s talk about suicide

Can we talk openly and honestly about suicide now? Please? The recent suicide deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade caused a further tearing in the fabric of silence and stigma, following as they did the suicides of such notable creatives as Avicii, Robin Williams and Chris Cornell. Suicide, sadly, has created its own Who’s

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The Hallway to Heaven

A great scone is a mouthful of beauty. Soft and buttery on the inside … with a crisp outer crunch … a great scone is enough to steer someone onto the righteous path. Speaking of righteous, Kids in the Hall, the restaurant cum vocational school inside City Hall, is no more. Sob. Long live The

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