So this is it.

Our campaign comes to a close today, after months of visiting doorsteps, forums and events in Ward 6.

Team McKeen’s volunteers came from community leagues, from non-profit agencies, from government and private sector jobs; from friendships and family ties; from all over the political map, the multicultural mosaic and the LGBTQ spectrum.

All of us on Team McKeen have a simple plea: If you support our vision of prosperous, safe and just communities, please take time Monday to vote for me, Scott McKeen.

We called our campaign the Core Values Tour. We’d like to think it won’t end today.

If you take time to vote for us today, the Core Values Tour will travel Ward 6 continuously for the next four years, meeting you where you live and listening to your aspirations and concerns.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to us in the past few months. We hope to meet you again. Soon.