Scott’s Core Values

Two words drove Scott’s re-election campaign: Core Values.

More than a motto, the words speak to a central philosophy of Scott’s service to Ward 6 communities.

A Prosperous City

  • The City’s upcoming review of civic services must reduce the overall tax burden.
  • To attract business and talent, the City must make smart investments in critical infrastructure and services.
  • The City’s permitting process must be streamlined.
  • Ward 6 must be Edmonton’s living room, hosting major events to attract dollars and talent.
  • The new Screen Industries Commission must halt the talent exodus by growing local production companies.
  • The City must invest in a Live Music Strategy and policies.

Uplifting All People:

  • City council must ensure housing innovation meets the needs of emerging generations.
  • User fees for City services must accommodate students, seniors and the vulnerable.
  • Edmonton must continue to lead the nation on ending poverty and housing the homeless.
  • Edmonton must become Canada’s great indigenous city, through reconciliation, promise-keeping and partnerships.
  • The mental illness epidemic in modern cities must be a priority in the mayor’s Health City initiative.
  • Edmonton must commit to ending racism, gender discrimination and faith-based hate.

Healthy Neighbourhoods:

  • Transportation strategies must balance the needs of commuters, students, communities and business.
  • The City’s alley paving program must be fiscally responsible.
  • The City must foster connected neighbourhoods through better urban design.
  • Heritage homes must be catalogued and preserved, with citizen support.
  • Edmonton’s poverty strategy must include City policy that directs social and affordable housing to other Wards.
  • Protecting heritage trees and creating new green space must be embedded in infill policies.