There seems to be endless supply of questions about bike lanes. Where should they go? What should they look like? How much should they cost? Do we segregate bike lanes with barriers, or go with those Euro-cool bike boulevards?

And those questions are just from people who support the idea.

Well consider this: California passed a law that mandates motorists leave three feet of space — a little under a metre, for those who like to keep it Canadian — between themselves and cyclists.

I like the intent of the idea, which is raising more awareness than generating traffic tickets.

California’s driver training now includes education on road sharing, because it’s the law. Public awareness is growing, because it’s the law.

If we were to do something similar in Edmonton, would it create enough of a buffer between drivers and cyclists? Would it do enough to save us the cost of bike lanes or bike boulevards?

I don’t want to see cops pulling everyone over with a metre stick in hand. What I do want to see is a healthy, vibrant city with multiple modes of transportation coexisting on our roads.

No, I have not given up on bike lanes and bike boulevards. The California law is just another idea of how we might create space for cycling in Edmonton.


By Scott McKeen, City Councillor Ward 6