The Hallway to Heaven

A great scone is a mouthful of beauty. Soft and buttery on the inside … with a crisp outer crunch … a great scone is enough to steer someone onto the righteous path. Speaking of righteous, Kids in the Hall, the restaurant cum vocational school inside City Hall, is no more. Sob. Long live The

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Of Cads, Blogs and Human Beings

I’ve recovered from PTSED — post traumatic stressful election disorder. No, I’m not poking fun at sufferers of PTSD, which is real and bloody serious. But really … elections are stressful. At least they are for me. I’m not completely comfortable with all eyes on me; not comfortable with relative strangers looking at me as

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Words fail. It’s impossible to capture the sense of gratitude I feel towards citizens of Ward 6. It was the privilege of my life to serve as ward councillor from 2013-2017. After a career as a professional observer — journalist — it was scary/delightful/challenging and so fulfilling to be finally be involved in the community

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