Ward 6‘s Lauren Gillis, who goes by the stage name Lucette, is blessed with one of the sweetest voices … well … anywhere. I was privileged to meet the talented local singer/songwriter at the Edmonton Music Awards. Then I came across her randomly at Transcend Coffee, though her emerald-coloured hair threw me for a moment.

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Edmonton is an unfolding story, or stage play. Its cast of characters numbered 148 people in 1878 and nearly 400,000 in 1967. Today, the cast is nearly one million. Edmonton’s historic set pieces are still visible in some neighbourhoods and in their remaining heritage homes and buildings, mostly in this ward. Edmonton’s reputation for preserving

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So why the rainbow Converse All Stars as my symbolic running (for city council) shoes? My campaign slogan is this: Core Values. Some of the values I strive to live by include neighbourliness, fairness, kindness and service. Yet I’ve heard these last four years of the harassment and discrimination faced by Edmontonians of different race,

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