So why the rainbow Converse All Stars as my symbolic running (for city council) shoes?

My campaign slogan is this: Core Values. Some of the values I strive to live by include neighbourliness, fairness, kindness and service.
Yet I’ve heard these last four years of the harassment and discrimination faced by Edmontonians of different race, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.
I’ve seen how our system of justice can perpetuate poverty. I’ve heard from young women about how wolf whistles and lewd commentary makes public spaces feel unwelcome and unsafe.
The blessing of being an elected official is in being a sworn advocate for all citizens, no matter their circumstances. The curse is in hearing testimony about incidents of intolerance and harassment.
If re-elected, I will join Mayor Don Iveson and other like-minded city councillors in uplifting all the people in this time of reconciliation with our indigenous citizens.
What I know for certain is that the vast majority of Edmontonians feel the same. They, too, are willing to walk with us, no matter what style of shoe they wear.

By Scott McKeen, City Councillor Ward 6