How do I feel?

I’ve been asked that question dozens of times since the election results were confirmed.

I feel … well, discombobulated. It is all a bit surreal for this former City Hall journalist to be whisked down the rabbit hole to public office.

It will take some time to sink in. And some good nights of sleep.

I am so grateful for all the support from Ward 6 voters. I am fiercely proud of all the volunteers on Team McKeen.

And I’m really keen to follow through on my commitment to engage with communities and people in Ward 6.

There are a couple of things I want to put on the record, though.

First, I want to congratulate all the candidates who sought election in the ward. I know how much work it takes.

And I know how it feels to fall short. I lost my election bid in 2010 and went into a brief funk afterwards.

Then I started volunteering and quickly regained my optimism and enthusiasm.

So I wish all candidates a speedy return to what matters — friends, family and community. And I hope you all enjoy a sense of personal pride for what you accomplished in engaging with people in Ward 6.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Heather Mackenzie, especially. Heather’s campaign was optimistic and respectful. Not once did she attempt to undermine a rival or denigrate past city councillors. I respect and admire her dedication. I dearly hope she continues to be a leader in Edmonton for more vibrant and family-friendly communities.

And for all the citizens I met on the campaign trail, the privilege was all mine. See you soon.

By Scott McKeen, City Councillor Ward 6