Humbly, I’m asking you to vote for me, Scott McKeen.

This is not a demand. Not a challenge. It is more of an offer than a request.

On offer is my 12 years of observing, researching and writing about city council for The Edmonton Journal.

On offer is my 24 years in total of working for the hometown newspaper, researching and writing about topics as diverse as land-use planning and urban isolation.

Those years added up to an education in how civic government works and what Edmontonians think and value.

I left the newspaper in 2010 and in these past three years I learned what it was like to run a small communications business against giants.

Freed from the shackles of journalism, I was finally able to get involved — to volunteer to help immigrants, refugees and people suffering from mental illness and addictions.

I’m no technocrat or wonk. My bias is to work with people and to create the conditions for engagement and creative solutions.

Council members must be leaders. But leading in isolation is false leadership.

My offer is to be fully engaged with citizens. To raise the bar on two-way communications to a level unseen in Ward 6.

I’m loath to tell you that I’m the best or the brightest or the only choice for city councillor in Ward 6. That will never be my style.

But if you believe in my experience, my commitment to consultative leadership and my passion for Ward 6, please take the time to vote on Monday, Oct. 21.

My campaign slogan, Core Values, speaks to core services for the core communities of Edmonton. But it also speaks to the human values at the core of our personalities — values like kindness, fairness and neighbourliness.

As a candidate, I will hold myself to the values of transparency, accountability and hard work, as well as humour and camaraderie with my Ward 6 neighbours. I’ve been honoured to be surrounded by community leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and everyday folk that share in my dreams and desires for our city.

I want to live in a dynamic, engaged and compassionate city. If such things resonate with you, please vote for me, Scott McKeen.

It would my privilege to serve you.