Words fail. It’s impossible to capture the sense of gratitude I feel towards citizens of Ward 6.

It was the privilege of my life to serve as ward councillor from 2013-2017.

After a career as a professional observer — journalist — it was scary/delightful/challenging and so fulfilling to be finally be involved in the community and to represent the ward in decisions, debates, and advocacy.

So thanks to all of you, for your input, ideas, concerns, and complaints. You made me a better ward advocate.

Also, a special thanks to everyone who volunteered on my campaign. I can’t describe how weird, awkward, and humbling it is to see people working their tails off to have merepresent them.

Here are a few more things I will remember from the 2017 campaign:

° These three children, who accompanied their dad on a volunteer door-knocking shift, with painted-on white moustaches:

° Three other children door-knocking with their mom and asking politely if they could have a pop after the shift. Awww. Mom wanted a beer.

° Winston the Ward 6 Wonder Wiener Dog bringing joy and boundless energy to the campaign office.

° Constituents who answered their door with a warm hello and sincere smile.

° Being invited by the Chinese Garden Society to be celebrity auctioneer at their annual fundraiser.

° The friendly staff at Bru, next door to the campaign office, who make one of the best lattes in town.

° The super-talented Post Script, Lucette and Ell Niven and the Alibi, rocking our campaign launch.

° Olympian triathlete Paula Findlay door-knocking through Glenora with me.

° The full-on Ukrainian lunch donated to the campaign by Prairie Catering.

° Walking into a campaign office full of volunteers, 20-something women, who — trust me — will soon run this city.

° Speaking at the Outrun the Stigma fund-raising event for mental health on the day before the election.

° How establishment Edmontonians, politicians and police paused during the campaign to stand by Somali and Muslim citizens after one man’s acts of violence were halted by the professionalism of the Edmonton Police Service.

° Door-knocking Riverdale with Don Iveson on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and watching people’s eyes pop out, seeing the mayor at their door.



By Scott McKeen, City Councillor Ward 6