Feedback wanted


Some pretty prominent websites banned the practice of publishing reader comments after years-long attempts to tame trolls.
I find trolls fascinating. Did the internet anonymity reveal a dark side to human nature that always existed? Or were trolls merely the digital manifestation of crowd mentality? I’m not a fan of trolls. As a “public figure” I’ve been targeted more than a few times by such creatures. I know.

I know. Elected officials are supposed to have a thick skin. But trolls wouldn’t troll if their words didn’t sting. They sting. Ouch.
But even in this, the Trump era, I’d like to think that respectful, civil discourse is possible. People on opposing sides of a debate should be able to disagree agreeably.
So … if you disagree with something you read on the blog, I welcome your thoughts. We will publish letters to the blog, so long as they’re of general interest, decent and don’t play hard and loose with the facts.
We’ll check with you first before publishing. We might edit for length and clarity, but are open to opposing points of view. Oh. We will also post letters of agreement. ;). You can share your views by following this link.