Our memories, loves and aspirations make up our worldview.

Mine is forever anchored in Edmonton, birthplace of my children. City of my childhood dreams.

I grew up in the suburbs. I remember the CN Tower, off in the distance, standing as a symbol of downtown’s bright lights.

Later, I got a job downtown, at the hometown newspaper. I eventually moved downtown and then to Oliver, where I live today in a small condo overlooking Jasper Avenue.

For more than 12 years I covered City Hall for The Edmonton Journal. I know what being a councillor means. I know the toll it takes. I’ve seen councillors dog-tired, red-faced with frustration, despondent. I’ve seen them in tears.

I’ve also seen council make huge strides under Mayor Stephen Mandel’s leadership. What was once “good enough” wasn’t good enough anymore. No more crap, said Mandel.

I want to live in a vibrant, bustling and prosperous city. I want to live in a city where neighbours look out for each other. I want to live in a city where newcomers from all over the world feel welcome and supported.

My experience in journalism taught me how to see the many sides to a story. My time as an opinion columnist taught me how to weigh evidence, listen to experts close to the issue and then pick a position.

After I left journalism I became an enthusiastic volunteer. I’d always heard how volunteering gives back double.

It is true. Being in service to others offers a sense of accomplishment you can’t get from competition or career.

I am in love with this city. I want to see it reach its economic, creative and cultural potential.

I would be privileged to serve it — serve the people of Ward 6.

That is why I’m running for council.